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About KCCindustries

No stickability means
no sustainability

One of the greatest responsibilities of a Leadership Team is not just to set the strategic direction for the company, but to make certain that everyone understands the context of that direction, is aligned behind it and knows exactly where they are on the journey.

Leaders must articulate their vision, share ownership, establish Key Performance Indicators and then monitor and communicate progress to encourage ongoing buy-in.

Be crystal clear who your consumer or customer is and what you do for them better than anyone else can. These two things make for the essential promise of your brand: understand it, and stick to it.

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When it comes to kitchen designs featuring front-of-house theatre stations, KCCindustries offers customised solutions from the world’s best!

Specialising in comprehensive solutions in the field of foodservice facilities, KCCindustries brings together industry leaders under one single company banner to provide you with the highest technical knowledge outcomes.

  • Independent systems analysis of new and/or existing installations.
  • Research and development of custom designed systems.
  • On-site surveys using the latest technology.
  • Technical training for installation,commissioning, and service.

Pleasant working environment that increases profitability and customer satisfaction.



Front of House Design

Premium Partners

KCCindustries Premium Partners lead the world!
World leader in spectacular Cooking equipment ; custom hand-made …
World leader in height quality hand-made ventilation …
World leader in fire protection; pre engineered systems …

Our service continues after the work is complete because we care about our Customers and Products!
… simply call it „Made in Germany“
We are authorized restaurant system distributors and OEM‘s.

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Stone Hearth Ovens

are so versatile they are used by chefs to cook all types of delicious food including meats (whole roasts, steaks, fillets), pizza, breads, stews and vegetables.
These ovens provide a spectacular look and feel to any kitchen.

Stone Hearth Ovens are installed in all major luxury hotels, casinos, pizza chains and pubs world wide and feature:

  • robust design and patented manufacturing style for enhanced durability
  • heat and energy efficiency for superior cooking
  • exclusive and innovative flexibility of design including custom shapes and facades
  • 5 standard models and custom sizes
  • multiple firing methods – wood, gas (display and tube styles) and electric
  • comprehensive exhaust solutions – spray filters, canopies and flue transitions
  • accessories including viewing windows , doors , spotlights , lintels , ventilation access panels, tools and hearths
  • automatic thermostatically controlled gas systems
  • supplied in two pieces to fit through a standard doorway and be installed in one day
KCC industries - Stone Heart Ovens

KCC industries - Stone Heart Ovens

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Oven Tandoor - KCC Industries

Oven Tandoor

is the oven of choice for luxury hoteliers, consultants and chefs around the world because they look great, cook great and boast the world’s longest guarantee.

The most advanced and spectacular tandoors feature:
  • superior cooking capabilities
  • traditional ceramic or mild steel cooking surface
  • typical minimum wall thickness 75mm (twice that of traditional Indian pots) and fully insulated
  • 2 size options
  • 3 standard external shape options – round, square and barrel
  • variety of finishes – stainless, copper, terracotta or any colour
  • multiple firing methods – wood, gas and electric
  • portable / transportable between venues
  • round & square shapes come with cas tors and brakes – optional legs
  • optional sarj/romali cook tops
  • custom made common bench tops for multi unit installs
  • easy installation / removal – operate immediately, no further construction work required
  • 4 year limited warranty on Tandoor body and 1 year on Gas system


Oven Tandoor - KCC Industries

Oven Tandoor - KCC Industries


High Profile Kitchen Ventilation


High Profile
Kitchen Ventilation

Cooperation with leading manufacturers in the Ventilation Foodservice

The tremendous product range …
… comfortable, healthy, safe, productive, and energy-efficient food service environments through technologically advanced solutions is our target. Our manufactures are specializes in indoor climate solutions for commercial kitchens.

The expertise and proprietary technology create memorable experiences and pleasant work environments that increase the profitability of food service operations worldwide. We like to design you dreams!

High Profile Kitchen Ventilation
High Profile Kitchen Ventilation
G GrilL 47
High Profile Kitchen Ventilation
Restaurant Fire Suppressions


Restaurant Fire Suppressions

ANSUL® is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Suppression & Building Products.
The full line of ANSUL special hazard fire protection products includes fire extinguishers and hand line units; pre-engineered restaurant, vehicle, and industrial systems; sophisticated fire detection/suppression systems and a complete line of dry chemical, foam, and gaseous extinguishing agents.

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